French Tourist Board

How to re-establish France as the UK’s favourite holiday destination and regain visitors lost to other European destinations? Spain, Greece and Italy all benefited during the recession, as UK tourists demanded the value for money and financial protection offered by package holidays.

France is an incredible country offering a rich diversity of holiday experiences; from the great outdoors, to food and drink, sports and activities, city breaks, culture and history. This diversity enables visitors to enjoy wildly different holiday experiences in the one visit.

‘What’s your tour de France’ aligns the interests of 55 partners, including regional tourist boards, ferries, airlines and tour operators, providing France with a single over arching positioning in the UK market. Using Instagram style imagery of different peoples’ French holidays, we make our audience realise they can have their perfect holiday in France, their way. The bespoke campaign website enables visitors to create their own tailored ‘tour de France’.

  • For Multi media campaign